Further Education For Fitness Professionals

Here you'll find all the training courses that we have built and developed ourselves, specifically for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals.

Investment Mastermind

If you've seen the incredible returns on a stocks and shares portfolio but don't know where to start, this monthly training will set you up to maximise your savings from day one.

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Fitness Management

This online video training will give you the knowledge and awareness to lead, influence, and inspire those around you. Become the emotional leader, your life will change dramatically...

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6 Steps To Success

This course is perfect if you're new to PT or if you want to brush up on the basics. Get the inside track on attracting clients, utilising referrals, & the unbeatable consultation!

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The Age of Personal Training

‘From here on in, other Fitness Education Companies are going to have to step up to keep up with PT Confidential’

"Andy, I thank you for the coaching every month at our trainings & the opportunities you have given to me. My self belief has increased dramatically since working with you and the team at PT Confidential. You have inspired me to develop personally and to think about business differently over the years working with you."

Kevin Smith
Regional Personal Training Manager

The Fitness Industry's First Investment Mastermind

Learn how to set up and manage your very own investment portfolio. We recommend what to buy and give you all the reasons why you're set to make growth from your purchase. This isn't risky / difficult. It's a very simple, strategic method of maximising your savings.


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