Certification in Fitness Management & Leadership

The complete guide for Fitness Professionals moving into any Managerial, Leadership or position of influence.


What You'll Learn

What is Leadership?

Management Challenges You’ll Face

Deepening Your Leadership Resources: Leadership Styles

Overcoming Obstacles, Conflict and Disputes Without Losing Dignity

Successfully Handling Specific Personality Types

Presenting with Influence and Authority (1-1 & Team settings)

Leadership with a Personal Touch

How Compatible You Are to Becoming a True Leader

The Facts About Self Employment & What You Need to Know (IR35)


9 Modules with text notes included to provide a more comprehensive learning experience.

Plenty of downloads of relevant material from the course that you can use immediately.

Assessments, complete with certification upon completion and a personalised testimonial from your coach, Andy McGlynn.

"You have given me an insight and have changed the way I view the PT industry. Through you I have personally improved in many ways and my mindset has broadened; this has allowed me to better understand myself and influence those around me in a more positive way."

David Cheung
Personal Training Manager

"There is a long way to go and the development has no real end point, but I am a significantly different and better person from the one I was when I met you in December 2012.  "

Ryan Collier
Personal Trainer

"Prior to having your guidance, I was blind with regards to how to develop and how to build a business.  You’re the one that first opened my eyes to this Andy and I can’t thank you enough for that.  Without your guidance, I’d still be in the same position I was 6 years ago."

Graham Lawson
Personal Training Manager

"From the outset you have showed me what personal training really was... I can honestly say I have never looked back.  You have pushed me to become more than I ever thought possible and have given me the belief that anything is possible. You have personally opened so many doors for me. "

Andy Turner
Personal Trainer

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